Why Collect Fine Art From Cody Schultz

When you make the choice to collect a piece of fine art – regardless of who it is made by – you typically have in mind one of two things: future value or emotional attachment. Those who collect for future value of the art often, but not always, care not for the emotional value provided to them by the aforementioned piece they are looking to collect. The opposite can therefore be said of those who collect fine art for how the piece makes them feel. There is of course nothing wrong with either method of collection. However, my art will always speak to those who purchase based off how they feel upon viewing the piece. Given that no one can predict the future, I cannot promise there to be any future value in a monetary sense when it comes to my fine art nature photography prints. All I can do in that regard is keep my editions low, the quality high, and the rest is therefore left to fate. In terms of providing emotional value within my art – well, that I can do.

Black and white is timeless

Since 2017, I have been working tirelessly to build a portfolio of landscape photography in tones of black and white. What had originally begun as a challenge – heavily inspired by the master of landscape photography himself, Ansel Adams – rather quickly turned into a passion, an attachment. Fine art nature photography is truly an oversaturated market with everyone who owns a camera thinking they can – and should – sell prints of their own. This is not at all the case. And while I mean not to discourage, it is simply not that easy.

By maintaining a portfolio full of black and white landscape photography, I am able to differentiate myself from the masses. While it can be considered a dying artform, I strongly believe art in the simplistic tones of black and white is timeless. Unless the date or year is present on the piece – something which I do not do with my work – it can be nearly impossible to denote when the piece was created. This allows for you to enjoy the piece for what it is, rather than the colors it displays or the time period it was taken or the trend the artist had been following at the time.

Like a fine wine, my art ages wonderfully.

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Interior design

Another benefit of black and white is that it will never clash with your home décor. Although I firmly believe art should be collected based upon how it makes you feel, and therefore the fact of whether it goes well with the rest of the home should be negated, I do understand that this is not always the case for some individuals. Luxury fine art in black and white rarely has this issue of not fitting well in your home, allowing you to hang any of my pieces on your walls without it looking out of place. Instead, my work will draw the eyes of the viewer, creating a centerpiece for your home like none other.

If you would like to read more about the benefits of collecting black and white nature photography prints when it comes to interior design, be sure to check out this article. (Coming Soon)

Superb Customer Service

The absolute worst thing to happen when working with anyone – whether online or in-person – is to find out their customer service leaves much to be desired. There have been far too many times when I have found the perfect product, only for something to happen where I need customer service to get involved, and I find out that they are missing the service part. 9 times out of 10, I won’t buy from them again, so you can believe me when I say I will provide you with the best customer service I can possibly provide.

From the moment you purchase a print until the moment it safely arrives at your doorstep and is hung on your wall, you can rest assured I will maintain contact with you via email or telephone. Even if a purchase isn’t made and you simply have questions for me, I will always do my absolute best to respond promptly with as much in-depth detail as possible. Regardless of what stage in the buying process you are in, I vow I will only be an email, text or call away. All you have to do is contact me and I’m there for you.

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Gallery quality without the gallery price

I have long dreamed of owning a gallery of my own where I could display my art as I please for all to see. Yet as I grow older, as I think it through more and more, as my goals with my fine art change, I have come to realize something…

I can offer my collectors the same gallery-quality prints for a fraction of the cost by selling online.

Rather than opening a gallery full of pushy salespeople, I have chosen to sell directly to you, from my home to yours. This allows me to use the same printing techniques that high-end galleries and museums alike use while keeping the cost low. How? I have little to no overhead. I don’t need to artificially raise my prices by exuberant amounts to keep a gallery open.

If you would like to read a bit more about this, go ahead and check out this article where I explain a bit more why I no longer desire to own a fine art gallery.

poetry for the soul

I believe my art was best described by a fellow large format landscape photography when he called it “poetry for the soul.” Each of my prints go very well with one another without feeling as though there is a lack of cohesion. Almost all of my work also contains within it a story of perseverance and isolation, further connecting each of my pieces.

I take great care to only offer work that is the highest quality I can possibly achieve, adding to my portfolio work that I know will look beautiful on the walls of your home or office.

I refuse to be delusional and claim my work is the best in the world, nor will I claim to be a master photographer. I will make mistakes along the way. My promise – to both you and myself – is to continue to improve in every way possible so as to become the best I can possibly be.

Thank you for your support.

Cody Schultz

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