The Calm Before The Storm

The Calm Before The Storm - Fine Art Nature Photography Prints
The Calm Before The Storm - Fine Art Nature Photography Prints

The Calm Before The Storm


Printed on one of the highest quality photo rag papers available, each print is signed and numbered on the front by the artist himself. Certificates of authenticity are provided as well and are to be kept in a safe place to prove ownership of the print.

This triptych consists of three 12” x 15” prints matted and framed in a beautiful, handmade walnut frame. The total size is roughly 17” x 54” and will make for a beautiful statement piece in your home.

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Limited Edition of 20

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I cannot honestly tell you exactly why it was I wanted to create a triptych, or small series of images. Something about triptychs has always fascinated me, though - prints hanging on the wall that go so well together and really tie the home together. It is something that I want for all of my artwork and crafting a triptych such as this one has only further exemplified that craving, so to speak.

While on a short trip to the beach with Melanie - my girlfriend and adventure buddy - I stumbled across a series of dunes. For the safety of the dunes themselves, signs and fences disallowed me from getting any closer to them. However, I setup my tripod as close to each one as I could and began composing the photographs you see before you.

A storm was threatening along the horizon, which can be seen in each photograph as it slowly persists. These three compositions simply go so well together; too well to be printed and hung individually. Pair this idea with the beauty of a hand crafted walnut frame and a sleek white mat, and you have a very limited print that will only add to the beauty of your home.