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avenue of oaks

Edition of 3

First planted in 1743 - and completed by the Horlbeck brothers in 1843 - the grand "Avenue of Oaks" found at Boone Hall Plantation is perhaps one of the most lovely driveways I have ever found myself upon. Consisting of close to 90 live oak trees and a single mangolia tree, all evenly spaced, this avenue runs 3/4 of a mile from the entrance of the plantation to a pair of brick gateposts.

Trying to capture this scene proved to be rather difficult, as it is the only passageway leading to the popular tourist destination known as Boone Hall. While my original composition was off to the left side of the road, I knew while getting my camera setup that it was not at all what I wanted. So I waited there for close to twenty minutes before being able to quickly hop into the center of the road, setup my 4x5 camera, focus, meter, and expose two sheets of film. Had it not been for the 2nd sheet of film, this picture would contain a car in the very far end of the driveway, leaving the premises. A small detail that would most likely go unnoticed, yet it is these small details that count the most when creating a piece of art.

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All fine art nature photography prints by Cody Schultz come framed in a beautiful, handmade black maple frame. The prints are signed by the artist himself after being carefully inspected so as to ensure the highest quality possible. They are then sent to the framer before being sent directly to your home or office. Accompanying each framed print is a COA (certificate of authenticity) and a personalize note, thanking you for your support.

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