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fresh rain

Edition of 20

I remember visiting Hickory Run State Park on a cloudy day back in April of 2017, exploring the area for only the second or third time despite its relatively close proximity to my house. As I ventured down toward the river, looking out at a composition I had exposed less than six months prior, I noticed this plant sitting quietly down by my feet. It's leaves wet with fresh rain, the light giving it a silver sheen. I couldn't help but ignore the grander photograph I had been observing, opting instead for this natural abstraction.

Available Sizes

16 x 20 — 1000
24 x 30 — 1500

All fine art nature photography prints by Cody Schultz come framed in a beautiful, handmade black maple frame. The prints are signed by the artist himself after being carefully inspected so as to ensure the highest quality possible. They are then sent to the framer before being sent directly to your home or office. Accompanying each framed print is a COA (certificate of authenticity) and a personalize note, thanking you for your support.

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