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forest views

Edition of 20

I remember lying in bed the night before heading to Kaaterskill Falls, scrolling through Instagram, looking for inspiration. Somewhere along the lines I found a photograph revealing this outlook, along with a comment that told me where to find it. With this in location in-mind, I fell asleep, visualizing the photograph I wanted to take the following morning. Located in the eastern Catskill Mountains of New York, this two-stage waterfall stands a total of 260 feet tall and is by far one of the most powerful I have ever laid witness to.

When I arrived at the parking lot, I immediately ventured to the secret outlook location, sitting down and eating lunch, taking in the views around me.

Available Sizes

10 x 20 — 1000
15 x 30 — 1500

All fine art nature photography prints by Cody Schultz come framed in a beautiful, handmade black maple frame. The prints are signed by the artist himself after being carefully inspected so as to ensure the highest quality possible. They are then sent to the framer before being sent directly to your home or office. Accompanying each framed print is a COA (certificate of authenticity) and a personalize note, thanking you for your support.

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