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It has been proven time and time again the benefits of being within earshot of running water. Whether you are swimming in a lake or simply walking alongside a trickling stream, it is almost impossible to not feel better, both mentally and physically. Water has played a very important role in my photographic career, with much of my work depicting rivers and waterfalls. However, I have found there to be many abstractions within each and every flow of water. This is one of many such abstractions that I plan to release. For me, I can almost feel the immense power of the flowing river as I look at this image. Yet, at the same time, it calms me the more I look at it.

Available Sizes

10 x 20 — 1000
15 x 30 — 1500

All fine art nature photography prints by Cody Schultz come framed in a beautiful, handmade black maple frame. The prints are signed by the artist himself after being carefully inspected so as to ensure the highest quality possible. They are then sent to the framer before being sent directly to your home or office. Accompanying each framed print is a COA (certificate of authenticity) and a personalize note, thanking you for your support.

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