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Give Back To Nature

I knew from the moment I came across their website that Give Back To Nature and I were meant to form a partnership of some kind. The founder, Patrick Di Fruscia, is a wonderful nature and travel photographer whose work has inspired me for the past few years. His vision for this organization lines up beautifully with my own - to give back to the world while helping to raise awareness of the struggles our world is going through.

Therefore, I was quick to email Patrick and work with him on a partnership. With that being said, we have come to the following agreement:

  • for each 16x20 print sold, 100 trees will be planted
  • for each 32x40 print sold, 200 trees will be planted

This means that not only are you doing buying a beautiful work of art but you are also helping the world to become a more beautiful place for generations to come.

The current goal for Give Back To Nature is to plant one million trees in developing countries in hopes of rebuilding the natural landscapes that have been destroyed by deforestation. Both the website and this page will be updated when the goal has been reached and the next goal is announced.

Both Patrick and I thank you tremendously for your support.